About Us

My passion for travel began long before the Internet Age.  As a young man, as a parent and an executive, I have experienced firsthand how travel can leave an indelible mark on your heart. That when you think of the places you travel, a smile lights your face and immediately you are transported back in time, reliving the experiences of that location.

That passion has now turned into a labor of love: planning and executing unique luxury trips. I have done the ground work for you to identify fine choices for accommodations and off the beaten path experiences that meet your aspirational dreams.

Planning is the foundation for any successful trip.  From selecting the right accommodations and special activities, to planning great meals to punctuate your day, each experience is chosen to create an extraordinary experience you hope for.

Trusting someone else to make your trip come to life is an honor: one that demands the highest level of integrity and professionalism. Share with me what your goals are for your experience – and I will help making them a reality

Our Mission:
To transform the desires and aspirations of our customers into a well-planned luxury trip to a destination of their choice, by providing a detailed plan that includes unique elements tailored to their interests.

Aviad Meitar

Aviad Meitar

I’ve been planning and executing luxury trips for over twenty years. These trips covered a variety of geographic areas: from North America, to Europe to the Far East. The planning part always had great attention to detail: selecting high level accommodations, finding unique activities, identifying gourmet restaurants, etc.

I am a certified Tour Consultant from the Israel School of Tourism. I am also a top contributor at TripAdvisor.com, with reviews in over 40 cities around the world. I received from this web-site an award for being in the top 1% of most-read reviewers of all time. Please review my profile on TripAdvisor.com on the following link www.tripadvisor.com.

I am also a committed amateur musician, having played the French Horn since childhood in both wind concert bands and symphonic orchestras. This is why I try to include some musical element in every trip I take part in or plan for others.

My professional background is business and entrepreneurship. In creating a luxury trip I always consider the value received for the investment.

I would love to put my wealth of experience to work in creating your next luxury trip.