Berlin - from the perspective of young adults

Berlin today is one of the most popular European vacation spots especially for the younger audience.

With its vigorous night life, the artistic vibe and the general atmosphere of the city, Berlin is a great destination for people in their 20's and 30's.

A good way to explore the city and to get started on your vacation would be to go on the Free Berlin Tours - It is held by an international company that offers tours led by professional guides who are usually local students.  It is free to join and the fee is paid as a tip to the guide at the end of the tour at the discretion of the participant. The tour itself is very interesting and covers most of the main sights in the Brandenburg Gate area, and the guides are knowledgeable  and very welcoming.

At night the best area for clubbing and night life is the Warschhauer Strasse area. During the weekends this area is packed with party loving young people looking for a good time. One of the biggest clubs in the area is Matrix, which is really nice and holds several dance floors with different types of music.

The culinary scene in Berlin is mainly built  on  different types of beers and sausages. But if one is willing to step outside the German cuisine, there are great restaurants to be found. A good example is the Steak Houses restaurant chain Blockhouse. Any of the restaurants in the chain would be a good choice for a dinner, with excellent steaks  and nice appetizers and side dishes.

Visiting the East Side Gallery is a must while in Berlin. The gallery is over a kilometer long remnant of the Berlin wall covered with graffiti. It is truly a spectacle, and one of a kind that could be viewed only in this city.

To summarize – Berlin is a fun place to spend a few days in.