Oxford Philomusica - a well-kept secret in Oxford, U.K.

Next time you visit the U.K., be sure to include a concert of this fine orchestra in your itinerary. It is the “in residence” orchestra of Oxford University and most of its concerts are held at the Sheldonian, which is a magnificent concert hall, where Haydn and Handel conducted their own music in the 18th  century. The orchestra is celebrating its 15th anniversary and has earned the respect of musicians and audiences alike. Marios Papadopoulos, the musical director, has done a tremendous job in taking this orchestra to a very high level in a relatively short time.
I recently had the pleasure of attending one of their concerts. It included Sylvia Schwartz, the Spanish soprano, in a variety of vocal pieces. An evening not to be forgotten.
Fine out about upcoming concerts and event on the Orchestra’s web site -  www.oxfordphil.com