London and Wimbledon

To the many good reasons to visit the great Metropolis called London, let me add one more: Wimbledon!

The world most prestigious tennis tournament takes place in this suburb of London since 1877, over a two weeks period from late June to early August.

 This suggestion is not just for tennis or sports fans. The complex that comprises the tennis center includes a museum about the history of the sport, shops that sell merchandize bearing the logo of the tournament and a variety of restaurants and food stands.

It is not easy to get tickets to this event, and it is getting more difficult and more expensive every year. However it is possible. One way is to go early in the morning of any day of the tournament and get a “grounds daily pass”. This entitles you to enter the complex, go to all the outside courts and enjoy the facilities, without being able to enter Centre court or court number 1 (the main courts). It is especially worth doing in the first week of the tournament when outside courts are used for the “main draw” matches and one can catch a match between top players in one of the smaller courts. Another, more expensive way, is to purchase a “debenture ticket” through agencies that specialize in sporting events. This ticket includes entry and a specific seat in the main stadium, however prices start at a few hundred pounds for the early rounds and can get to thousands of pounds for the final rounds.

I’ve experienced this tournament a number of times and can highly recommend it to anyone visiting London, even people that are not avid sports fans. If you go, don’t miss out on the traditional Strawberries and Cream, along with a glass Champaign!